Clearing free disk space

Clearing free disk space

In order to work with files on any device, you need free space, but often it is simply not enough. Such alerts are especially unexpected on a computer when a person is busy with something, and then he is sharply required to free up disk space.

The catch is that all the files are needed, nothing can be deleted, and the memory has run out even though the user did not install, download or move anything.

How can you try to free up space:

It’s worth starting with temporary files that the program saves as a backup or in case the Internet goes out. Most or all of them are absolutely unnecessary, because the user can freely delete them, the main thing is to find in which folder they are stored. It is worth noting that some programs start to work incorrectly because of this, so you can delete them for not all programs.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to real backup, which saves both personal files and personal data, and it is often stored on a computer. If the user does not need them, and all important data is securely stored, then you can easily delete the backup. This is also true when the copy itself is outdated, and you need to create a new one yourself.

Before you start digging directly into programs and disks, it is recommended to perform a general system cleanup, because it happens that a lot of small file garbage accumulates from various programs and actions, and sometimes when you get rid of it, disk space appears. To do this, it is recommended to use the appropriate programs, because independent implementation will take a very long time.

It will not be superfluous to defragment the disk so that all files and data are organized and stop taking up more space than necessary. By the way, it is recommended to carry it out regularly, but most users regularly forget about it, and they catch on only when it is necessary to clear the place.

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It is highly recommended to pay attention to hidden files, which practically do not play a role for the system, but at the same time they take up space. What is most interesting is that there are a lot of them in all folders, on both disks, so they should also be cleaned.

Otherwise, the user is recommended to get rid of files that he does not need, but "hands do not reach", as well as get rid of unused programs that come with the system itself. Often it is worth conducting an independent audit, to which most users, due to laziness or busyness, do not reach, and then so much space is freed up that it becomes very surprising.

As for cleaning the system, it should be done regularly, because the more programs are running, the more file garbage will accumulate, and again it will take up space.

If all the manipulations do not bring the desired result, you should simply buy an additional hard drive and store information on it.

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