13 ways to simplify your life and become happier

13 ways to simplify your life and become happier

What makes you happy? When it comes to defining what happiness means to us and creating our mission to achieve it, there is no limit. When we add unnecessary tasks, objects, and clutter to this thought of happiness, everything becomes overwhelming.

There's nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful home with art on the walls, a cozy backyard pool, and a garden full of flowers. But remember that even luxury comes with responsibilities that can easily turn into clutter and added stress.

Simplifying our lives should be easy, but when we challenge ourselves, it becomes more difficult. It's hard not to feel overwhelmed when we think about cleaning up years of stuff, cleaning up our hard drives, or even our day to day tasks. It’s easier to sweep them under the carpet or put them in a pile “later”.

It all comes down to control, and with it we determine our own happiness.

You can live a simplistic life and still be happy. Here are 13 ways to make your life easier.

1. Limit your options

Part of life is simply to narrow down the huge choices you have to make in your daily life. In truth, some items may be unnecessary.

Take a close look at your to-do list and eliminate tasks that aren't important and see if you can combine a few things together. A long to-do list can be overwhelming, and remember that our energy is limited.

2. Time

For an entrepreneur, the luxury of time can sometimes feel more like a curse than a blessing. Set yourself working hours, especially when it comes to completing individual projects.

Blocking your schedule or setting time limits to complete certain tasks can help you stay on track without being distracted by extraneous distractions. It's a way to tell your brain when it's time to work and when it's time to relax, and it helps a lot to simplify your daily life.

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3. Cook in the evening

Get rid of unnecessary tasks by getting your things ready the night before. While it may take you ten minutes in the morning to collect your work items, why not do it the night before and use that extra time to meditate or read the newspaper? To simplify your life, you also need to make better use of your time.

4. Set your pace

Every morning we make a conscious decision to set the pace for the day. Recall the moment when you woke up late for work and felt irritated and depressed.

Your actions and reactions play like dominoes that either raise or lower your vibrations. A bad day is usually caused by one cause that affects another, and so on.

By deliberately choosing the pace, you can stop at any time, take a step back and reset the settings. Start your morning by intentionally deciding how your day will unfold.

5. Find what works for you

There are many ways to balance your bank accounts. What works for you may not work for another person, and the great thing about modern technology is the abundance of apps that are readily available on your computer or phone.

6. Only worry when you need to.

This will take some practice. If we are not aware of our thoughts, our worries can travel with us throughout the day.

There are ways to take the initiative when thoughts start to crumble, such as making time for worrying and only worrying. As you do this practice, you will begin to realize how much time and energy is wasted worrying about certain things and how repetitive some of those worries can be.

Whether it's 5 minutes or 15 minutes, spend that time addressing these issues and leave them there when the time is up.

7. Cooking food

Cooking doesn't have to be hard or complicated. Preparing one or two meals ahead of time can take a lot of strain off your shoulders and save you extra money. Some simple and easy ideas include making a double batch of a recipe or using jars to make a light breakfast and eat it.

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8. Limit the number of tabs

Time to take a look at your current explorer. How many tabs do you currently have open?

Limit yourself to four tabs open at all times. If there's something you want to read, bookmark the page to read it later, then close the tab.

Removing unnecessary tabs is a way to focus on a task ahead of time.

9. Try audiobooks and podcasts.

Have you ever had a book you wanted to read but don't have the time?

Audiobooks are convenient to listen to on the road or even in the gym. Nowadays, there are audiobooks and podcasts on almost everything - self-development, finance, food, and even astrology.

Change your routine by connecting to the show and learn new things along the way. This is a great way to simplify your life and not forget about your time.

10. Stop procrastinating

Sometimes what we put off can be easily done in two minutes. Follow the "two minute rule" - if a task comes up and can be completed in two minutes, just do it. This helps to avoid procrastination and shortens the to-do list.

11. Avoid excessive media consumption

Limiting screen time keeps you moving. It's easy to get lost in the endless world of news, inbox and entertainment, but it's all about making the most of your digital information. Simplify your life by managing your mailbox and using the two-minute rule.

For example, read your message in your inbox and ask yourself if something needs to be done. If the action lasts two minutes, do it right now. If the action takes more than two minutes, place the message in the specified folder to return to it. These simple tricks will keep your inbox from overflowing.

12. Stop overcomplicating

When it comes down to it, life is pretty simple. Perfection is an illusion, and as a result, we become less efficient and less efficient when we strive to achieve that illusion.

Don't get hung up on the details and don't ask yourself if it matters. Some of the greatest ideas contain a simple message; therefore, you should "just do it".

13. Adapt

Changes in the schedule and even in life plans can occur at any time. The best way to live a simplistic life is to first learn to adapt to change and ride those waves as they come.

Being adaptable also means preparing for the unexpected. Start your rainy day fund while you're generating income and pay off that credit card sooner rather than later.

Start including these 13 things in your daily routine, make them your habits. And soon you will live a more simplified life and feel happier.

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