Buying strollers online: transformers or modular designs?

Choosing children's strollers online, you may encounter some difficulties. The main reason is a large number of different designs, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

But, basically, the attention of young parents is focused on two popular models - modular devices and transformers. Let's try to figure out how these options differ, and what are their advantages.

Walking block

The indicated part of the strollers is present both in transformers and in modular designs. In the first version, the walking block appears as a result of several manipulations. To do this, you need to remove the cradle, then unfasten part of the frame, and install a handle with soft tabs on the resulting place.

It remains only to adjust the appropriate position for the back. In modular strollers, strollers are more reminiscent of a removable seat, which also has an adjustable back. Some options also have a built-in car seat.


This element is the basis of the stroller. It contains all the elements for a comfortable location of the child. Cradles of modular designs have a rigid frame, as well as a solid bottom. Such elements ensure the correct anatomical position during walks and sleep. The inside is lined with soft natural cotton fabric.

The cradle of transformers is presented in the form of a light and small carrying basket. It also has a hard bottom, but the sides are soft. Fabric handles, which are placed on such a cradle, allow you to safely and easily get it with your child.


To compare both models, you must also familiarize yourself with the features of the wheels. Maneuverability, stability and ease of movement on different road surfaces depend on them. Transformer wheels have the following features:

  • static type;
  • massive size;
  • lack of rotary function;
  • excellent cushioning.

Usually these are 4-wheel models that have a stable suspension. Universal modular strollers can have a different number of wheels. In addition, the front wheels here always have a swivel function.

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As you can see, select goods for children in the online store not difficult at all. You need to focus on just a few criteria, and in case of additional questions, contact experienced managers for advice.

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