Automatic calling of debtors

Automatic calling of debtors

Consider this scenario: you need to contact 10000 debtors in just two days to remind them to pay their bills. You have selected a team of 4-5 agents who should call these debtors. Manually, such a call will take not two days, but at least two weeks. For such a scenario, a solution has long been found, and this auto redial service.

How to automate calling debtors using the auto redial service

  • Calling with transfer to the operator

There is no longer a need to dial each 10-digit number manually and wait for a response. Automatic dialing dials numbers in the background and connects answered calls to the first free agent. This greatly reduces response time, makes your agents more efficient, and allows them to capture more leads. In addition, a feature of campaigns for working with debtors (vindication campaigns) is calling not only debtors, but also guarantors. It is enough just to download the database of numbers with the required binding and integrate the auto-dialer program with the banking system.

  • Auto dialing with IVR scripts

Automatic call service is a software used to quickly dial a list of contacts and connect not only with a live operator, but also with the IVR voice menu. The IVR system allows informing the client or debtor about the amount and term of payment, and connecting the operator if the subscriber presses the corresponding key.

The choice of the caller determines the actions of the IVR - it can offer the caller options for answers to get the information they need, and if the question is more complex, it connects the client to a live agent who can better deal with their needs.

Equally important, the dialer allows the operator to easily take notes during a call, fix the promised payment date or refusal to do so, and record a comment with the progress of the conversation. It can be anything that your operators consider important to increase the chances of repayment. Since the software is synchronized with your CRM, this updated data will be available in your reporting system as well.

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Automated debt collection call software can provide you with a wealth of data and insights that you can use to make better business decisions. How? The automated system will generate comprehensive reports on your calling campaigns with metrics such as:

  • total number of calls made

  • debtor card fields

  • status, duration and completion result of each contact (promise of payment, refusal of payment, successful call using IVR, delivered SMS message, etc.)

You can analyze these reports after the end of the campaign and adjust the logic of contacts with debtors if necessary.


A debt collection campaign is not an ordinary call campaign that can be handled in a general way. You have to be very careful when planning and implementing it, and choosing the right tool and methods is a key factor in determining your success.

VoIPTime Contact Center is a universal software solution for a call center that helps eliminate repetitive, distracting processes that prevent your team of operators from making the most of their time with customers. Contrary to popular belief, auto-dialing not only optimizes your sales calls, it can streamline many customer support and interaction processes.

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