Inspection in Ukraine in 2023: what is important to know

Inspection in Ukraine in 2022: what is important to know

Due to the fact that not so long ago an Association Agreement with the European Union was signed in our country, this fact led to the return of such a thing as a mandatory inspection procedure in Ukraine. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has developed a bill according to which all cars and other vehicles are subject to mandatory technical inspection in Ukraine in 2022, although this requirement was valid until 2011.

With the procedure of mandatory technical inspection in Ukraine, its citizens have been faced for a long time. However, the main difference from the old inspection can be noted that if earlier the control of the inspection procedure fell on the shoulders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, then with the adoption of the law on mandatory inspection in 2022, this event can only be passed in various certified and licensed maintenance stations . At the same time, the entire technical inspection must be filmed for further submission to law enforcement agencies, if necessary. Naturally, there will be no live queues and other negative factors. By the time such a procedure is put into effect, there will be electronic queues with the appropriate ticket, which will allow the event to be held at the specified time.

If we talk about the introduction of the bill and its entry into force, it must first be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, after which the Verkhovna Rada must go through all the stages of hearing and voting. These changes are tentatively scheduled for fall 2022. Therefore, we will be able to answer the question of whether a technical inspection is needed in 2022 at the beginning of September this year.

In accordance with the bill, in order to distinguish between the concept of who must undergo technical inspection in Ukraine in 2022, there is a clear list according to which this procedure applies to cars, trucks, and trailers.

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In addition, it is indicated that vehicles that have been involved in a serious traffic accident and have suffered significant damage will not be able to pass the mandatory technical inspection. Thus, during the inspection of a severely damaged vehicle, any discrepancy or malfunction may prevent you from operating it in the future.

In addition, this group should include cars that have not passed the proper customs clearance procedure. There are also cars that move with a license plate of foreign registration.

Time frames were also included, namely, within 10 days, the driver or owner of the car is required to undergo a mandatory technical inspection procedure if the vehicle was damaged in a traffic accident, as a result of which its safety components were violated. This should include the situation of the appearance of a new owner of the car, that is, the re-registration of the vehicle. If, during a roadside check, law enforcement agencies found deficiencies that affect the safety of passengers, then MOT must also be carried out here.

In addition, this bill proposes the introduction of penalties for drivers of vehicles in case they fail to pass the mandatory technical inspection procedure. For the first violation of such a procedure, the driver or owner of the vehicle faces a fine of UAH 17, and for a repeated violation of this kind, law enforcement agencies will confiscate a driver's license.

The concept of a mandatory procedure for passing a technical inspection, which has been familiar to us for a long time, first of all, includes checking:

  • legality and operability of gas-cylinder equipment (if any and properly reflected in the relevant documentation);
  • glass dimming level (both passenger, driver's and windshield);
  • air filling of wheels and tires;
  • functioning of light devices;
  • steering systems;
  • brake control systems;
  • other mechanisms that relate to the protection of the environment and the safe movement of the vehicle.
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In addition, the requirements for who needs to undergo a technical inspection in 2022 are precisely delineated. If this applies to passenger cars that have no more than 8 seats (except for the driver), then the technical inspection must be carried out 4 years after the first registration, every 2 years during further operation (the same requirement applies to trucks). For passenger cars that are used as taxis and have no more than 9 seats, passing the technical inspection must be every year, as well as one year after the registration of the vehicle.

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