Hamster Combat - Review of an exciting game with business hamsters

Hamster Combat

Современные криптопроекты включают немало игр и приложений, позволяющих получать быструю прибыль, выполняя простые задания. Нашумевший Notcoin положил начало эры телеграмм майнеров. Одними из таких передовых инноваций стали игры Хамстер Комбат, TapSwap и Blum.

Hamster Combat - what is it and how to play it

Hamster Kombat - a growing game at incredible speed, which was launched in the telegram messenger about a month ago. It is positioned as free and offers users simple and fun ways to earn cryptocurrency. In Hamster Kombat you need to click on the hamster many times to get coins. At the same time, use the coins you earn to buy cards that provide passive income.

It is worth noting that, despite the popularity of the Hamster Kombat game, its developers are still unknown at the moment.

Launching the game Hamster

To start mining coins, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official telegram bot Hamster Kombat at this  link, and then click on /start.
  2. Click on “Play” to get to the main tapal menu.

At the moment, the hamster crypto game is available only on the Android and iOS platforms, and there is no version for desktops, unlike Catizen, which can also be played on the desktop. If you try to launch the tapalka via a computer, an offer will appear with a QR code that needs to be read with a smartphone.

Interface and gameplay

Let's look at the gameplay of the hamster tapal game, as well as the main sections of interest to a beginner.

Main menu

Allows you to find out the balance of coins and the player’s level, as well as profit per coin tap, profit per hour and the number of coins for the next level. In addition, in the menu you can see how much energy is left for mining, change the exchange if necessary, and also, by clicking the name of your level, get into the “hall of fame”, where the top players in each level are shown. Now let's talk more about other sections.

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Section for pumping passive income from the exchange. To mine coins offline, you need to purchase cards and increase their level. There are four categories of cards - Markets, PR&Team, Legal, Specials. You can buy an unlimited number of cards per day to create a set to increase your passive income. Also a nice bonus is a secret combination of 3 cards, which gives a bonus of 5 million coins. This combination changes every 24 hours.


This section stores information about your invited friends, or in other words - “referrals”. You can have the number of coins at the moment and passive income.


In this section of the Hamster Combat game, the hamster gives tasks to the player, the completion of which is paid for in coins. The list of tasks is updated regularly. If you log into the game every day, you can receive special bonuses for visiting. Regularly visiting the application for 10 days can also bring you 5 million coins!!


There is an update for Airdrop of coins for players. Today it is possible to connect Ton Wallet there.


Separately, I would like to talk about the boost section. It can be accessed from the main screen. In this section you can upgrade to speed up mining. In particular, the player can take advantage of the turbo modes (which will be added soon), as well as the energy replenishment function.

The essence of the Hamster Combat game is simple: the more taps the player makes, the faster he receives the coins necessary to increase the stock market. However, it is worth noting that you can mine coins not only by tapping. The more important part is the passive income indicator, which ultimately, according to the developers, will be used to make the drop.

How to upgrade for mining

To quickly collect coins in Hamster Combat, you can use the following techniques:

  1. Tap with several fingers at the same time. This way you will spend energy faster so that it can be replenished for new taps.
  2. Receive bonuses for visits. Just log into the game every day to collect additional bonuses.
  3. Use boosters. With their help, you can replenish energy and increase its limit. In addition, by using the booster, you can increase the number of coins received per click.
  4. Send referral links to friends. If your friend follows the link you receive, you will receive additional coins. In this case, the level of additional profit will depend on the version of the Telegram channel. If you get two thousand coins for a regular subscription, then twenty-five thousand coins for a premium subscription.
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These methods will help you level up and collect more coins. As the exchange increases, the energy limits for clicks increase, as well as the number of coins that can be obtained per tap. Important! Passive income coins are awarded within 3 hours from the player’s last entry into the game. That is, if you want to level up faster, log into the game every 3 hours so that the coins do not stop accruing!

What are the prospects for Hamster Combat?

The $HMSTR coin is due to be released in June and a promised reward for early users of the game is expected. So far no one has given an exact date, so it is important to track the information in official sources.

If you believe the forecasts, the income should be no less than from Notcoin. In this regard, interest in the hamster is growing all the time, especially since the project does not require any investment. We also advise you to immediately take a look at the project NEAR Wallet, which is also gaining momentum.


Tapalka Khomyak promises to surpass previously known clickers in popularity thanks to its wide functionality and vibrant gameplay, which makes mining more fun. So far, no one can accurately determine the amount of earnings on a hamster, waiting for listing on crypto exchanges. Experienced users of such games recommend monitoring updates and developments in the situation. Start playing now!

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