Blum Crypto: A Promising Cryptocurrency Exchange Powered by Telegram

Today, many users are interested in Blum Crypto - what is this platform and how can you make money on it? Essentially, this is a cryptocurrency exchange operating on the basis of the popular Telegram messenger. Crypto enthusiasts call Blum a promising project that promises good profits on exchanges in the future Binance and Bingx.

Functionality and capabilities of the Blum Coin crypto project

application Blum Crypto Bot provides users with the following benefits:

  1. You can trade directly in the Telegram messenger, without going to the browser or installing any applications.
  2. The platform plans to provide a large selection of cryptocurrencies and other assets, including memcoins, tokens, futures and others.
  3. The platform will support more than thirty blockchains, which can be accessed at any time without switching to another platform.
  4. P2P trading in local currency will be provided, which provides users with greater opportunities.
  5. The maximum convenience of trading will be ensured: there is no need to switch between chains, pay commissions, constantly confirm transactions, etc.
  6. Such a convenient decentralized crypto exchange will provide on-chain and off-chain order book calculations, various storage options, and the ability to use different crypto wallets.
  7. The platform will provide opportunities to use NFT and Ordinals technologies
  8. There is a referral program with the opportunity to receive various bonuses based on the principle of passive income.

How to farm tokens and increase income

Blum Bot provides different ways to get money, including some very exciting options. We offer you a guide on how to use the bot to increase mining efficiency and, accordingly, increase your earnings.

Mining Blum points (BP) coins

Mining is the main way to make a profit in Bloom. The process itself is very simple - it does not require any financial investments or any special skills. There is also no need to constantly tap on the screen, but you only need to look into the Blum Crypto Bot once every 8 hours and collect coins by pressing the Claim key. Thus, the user can increase the balance without much effort.

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How it works:

  1. Let's launch the bot: just open it Bloom Bot on your device.
  2. Collect coins: press the Claim button, collecting coins that the bot mined during the mining period.
  3. Restart: the pharming process is restarted automatically after the user clicks on the button.
  4. Collecting coins: after 8 hours you need to collect coins again by clicking on Claim.

Drop game to increase income

You can increase your income playfully in the literal sense of the word: take part in a drop game, which makes the process more exciting.

How it works:

  1. We get tickets for the game: just visit the application regularly to get tickets (for visits) with which you can start the game. The number of tickets depends on the continuity of daily visits.
  2. Collecting figurines (green snowflakes): the game offers to collect flying figurines, which are automatically converted into VR and within a few minutes appear on your balance.

With the help of a drop game, you can make the process of making money more interesting, effective and exciting.

It is worth noting that to make the game more exciting, options such as freezing and bombs have been added:

  • By tapping on the ice, we freeze the screen, thus stopping the round time and the movement of the stars. This will make it possible to collect all the figures without haste.
  • Clicking on a bomb takes away 100 points in the game, so we strongly advise you not to tap bombs so as not to lose precious points.

Completing tasks for a reward

Blum bot invites users to complete simple tasks to receive additional BP coins.

How it works:

  1. Let's get acquainted with the tasks: the full list of tasks is presented in the corresponding section and is constantly updated.
  2. We carry out tasks: they can be different, for example, take part in a survey or perform any activities to promote Bloom on social networks.
  3. We receive rewards: after successfully completing tasks, VR coins appear in your account.
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Thus, Blum Crypto Bot offers different options for earning money, including an interesting game and interactions on social networks. This allows each user to choose an acceptable method for receiving coins or use several methods at once for variety.

Referral links for friends

The bot provides a referral program, which consists of inviting new participants, for which the user receives additional income. Initially, each user had the opportunity to invite 5 friends. This feature has been expanded and now each Blum user can invite 10 people. So we advise you to invite only active friends!

How it works:

  1. Referral link: send referral links to your friends.
  2. We receive a reward: passive income will be ten percent of the earnings of each first-level referral and two and a half percent of the second level.
  3. We increase the number of referrals: we use special promotion services to increase the number of referrals, and therefore our passive income.

Listing and withdrawal of funds

You can read about the listing of Blum Points and how to withdraw funds on the developers’ website. At the moment, the exact listing date is not indicated, so to keep track of all the news, you should subscribe to the official channels of the crypto project.

The real value of the Blum Coin cryptocurrency will be known only after listing. Users will be able to sell tokens on the Binance, WhiteBit Bingx, OKX, ByBit, GATEio exchanges. In addition, it will be possible to withdraw tokens on p2p. In the future, the project plans to expand and introduce new functions.

Are there similar crypto projects?

In addition to the Blum bot application, there are other similar crypto projects that allow you to earn money without investment or with minimal investment. These include a tapalka Hamster Combat, crypto game MemeFi Coin, cryptocurrency bot Сatizen и NEAR Wallet.

About the developers

The developers of the Blum Crypto Bot project are Gleb Kostarev, Vladimir Smerkis and Vladimir Maslyakov, who previously worked at Binance and Red Bull, working in strategic development and marketing, and also have extensive experience working with blockchain technologies.

Thus, Blum Bot is a promising project with big plans for development and an active community. It provides users with many options for coin farming and trading Blum Coin, combining the most advantageous features of decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges.

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