Windows 10 has a nasty bug that could affect people working from home

Windows 10 has a new bug that affects the internet connection of individual users, and in some cases is keeping essential apps like Office 365 and dating online, thus making life very difficult for those people who try to use these apps to work from home under lock and key during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The issue may affect those who are running Windows 10 with May 2019 Update or November 2019 Update and Microsoft Cumulative Update KB4535996 is caused (this optional update rolled out in late February).

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The error can prevent Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Corporation and other software, in addition, including Microsoft's web browsers, from connecting to the Internet, with obvious problems in it for those who work from home using these applications in these troubled time.

Microsoft notes that any program that uses WinHTTP or wininet can (and note that the use of the word can - the problem is not always manifested) problems of reaching the Internet.

The caveat is that many of those who suffer from this problem are using VPNs, and these are the people most likely to be hit by gremlins. But of course, those who work from home and have to log into remote systems and work with sensitive business data are most likely to use a VPN for the added security it provides.

Apparently the problem can occur with any connection to or disconnection from a VPN network.

Microsoft explains: “Devices using manual or automatic proxy settings, especially those with a virtual private network (VPN), may show limited or no internet connectivity status in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (ncsi) in the notification area.

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“This can happen when connecting or disconnecting to a VPN network or after a state change between two countries.”

Is a fix inevitable?

In terms of repairs, Microsoft is prioritizing this, as you can imagine, rushing the patch out the door before the usual scheduled monthly release, and it should be available in early April, we said.

Meanwhile, another positive news is that there is a very easy potential workaround, and that is to simply restart your computer. This may or may not work, but at least it's not hard to do.

On the other hand, if you must keep doing this throughout your work day, that can naturally be quite frustrating and you'll potentially be wasting a fair amount of time looking at the boot screen or desktop loading. And of course this is not a guaranteed solution - although at least it is an effort to prevent climate change.

The update that Microsoft has acknowledged as the origin of the problem, KB4535996, applies a number of fixes, including solutions for an issue where the Windows search box is not displayed correctly, and improved battery performance for laptops in Modern Standby.

Unfortunately, as all too often seems to be the case with Microsoft this cumulative update for Windows 10 these days, it has given one hand and taken the other, introducing this fresh networking bogey.

The timing of the appearance of this Windows 10 flaw is quite problematic, but in any case, those who suffer from the hands of this error will have a solution for you, perhaps as early as next week, depending on how early April Microsoft is focused on resolution.

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