The new Caterham Super Seven 1600 revives the spirit of the seventies

2020 Caterham Super Seven 1600 Retro-styled take on the entry-level 270 offers exclusive body design and distinctive engine note

Caterham has revealed a new super seven 1600 retro take on its flagship open-wheel sports car.

Available for order, the new model draws on the heritage of the British marque rather than the society-run sprint and super-sprint models from 2016 and 2017. Unlike those cars though, it is a permanent addition to the Caterham lineup.

The Super Seven 1600 is powered by the same 1,6-liter Ford Sigma engine as the brand's entry-level 270 model, meaning it can crack a 0-62 mph sprint in about five seconds and hit a top speed of 122mph.

Mechanical changes are limited to the addition of DCOE throttle body injectors - said to provide a "characteristic growl" reminiscent of 1970s rally cars - and chrome-plated K.H air filters that complement the car's retro styling.

The new arrival - available in standard and extended CB form - retains the familiar silhouette of the seven, but can be distinguished from existing models by a raft of individual design elements. The most obvious of these is its unique flared front fenders, as worn by early Caterham models, which extends from the headlights back to the bulkhead.

There's also a rear-mounted spare tire and alloy wheels that replicate the eight-spoke design common to British sports cars in the 1970s. Patterns can be defined with a choice of seven heritage-inspired paint schemes.

Inside, it gets a wood-rimmed steering wheel and custom leather upholstery.

General Manager at Caterham Graham McDonald said: “Both of our latest retro-styled XNUMXs – the Sprint and Super Sprint – sold out in record time, so we know the emergence of these machines is strong.

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“We are excited to introduce the most powerful Super Seven ever built, reimagining a true modern icon, delivering exactly what the original was designed to offer – a focus on driving and racing-inspired updates, but with some luxury touches to finish.”

Prices start at £33,495 for a complete build kit, but Caterham will assemble the car for an additional £2395.


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