ThinkSystem SR860 server and its features, advantages

Personal and laptop computers, electronic equipment, tablets and servers - the Chinese company Lenovo is one of the world leaders in the production of this equipment. Since 1984, engineers have been working on new high-tech solutions, creating data storage systems that are used in different countries of the world. ThinkSystem model SR860 — a novelty in the range of server hardware from a Chinese brand. This is a universal solution for companies involved in different industries. High adaptability, flexibility, choice of a convenient configuration, support for graphics adapters - the new generation server has many positive features.

Learn more about the ThinkSystem SR860

In terms of price-quality ratio, this server is one of the leaders in its segment. The novelty is implemented in a 4U form factor, supports up to four Intel Xeon Platinum processors, and has an impressive computing potential. The RAM standard is TruDDR4. Its maximum volume reaches 6 TB.

The server from Lenovo supports the installation of traditional and solid state drives. The maximum capacity for the SAS/SATA standard reaches 121,6 TB. The equipment is equipped with a pair of graphics processors and redundant power supplies, has network interfaces and a 16-port RAID array.

Benefits of the new server

The ThinkSystem SR860 is a worthy combination of expandability and affordability. Due to the competent distribution of the load, the fault tolerance of equipment increases. The server is able to adapt to any environment and has a high scalability. Other benefits include:

  • direct connection of drives to the bus is the key to active performance growth;
  • advanced service functions;
  • reliability;
  • high capacity storage subsystem;
  • constructive versatility.

Upgrades of processors and RAM are carried out independently by customers, if necessary, if the need for production capacity increases. The SR860 supports the installation of high-capacity ultra-fast RAM. Dependence on an inflexible closed system is eliminated by choosing this server hardware. The company receives a progressive solution, a technique that does not make a choice between savings and further development.

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