Best hair straighteners 2020: what to look out for

Hair straighteners are one of those technologies that many people don't think are technologically advanced - you can buy a cheap set for pennies in many stores.

Use them, however, and you will place the safety of your barnet in the lap of the gods. You really need to invest a little more to get a decent pair, which is why GHD tops our list. They really are the best, although we have also put together some excellent alternatives for you.

Here's our pick of the best hair straighteners to buy today

GHD Original Styler

For many, the question of which hair straighteners to buy is as simple as “Which GHD set can I afford?” That's how impressive the performance is from the many models on offer. We prefer the most classic version, which heats up quickly and straightens quickly and requires minimal passes.

There's a reason GHD stands for Good Hair Day - buy a couple of these and you'll always be a few steps away from them. In addition, the build quality and safety measures mean they are safe and reliable for regular use.

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron

The big advantage of this pair of straighteners hints at both the name and the design - the very wide shape of the iron. This means that every time you go through your hair, your hair gets a little longer for a faster finish.

Heating up to the desired temperature in just seven seconds means these Cloud Nines are really good at doing a great job, so you'll have to pay a really premium price for the privilege.

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T3 SinglePass X Straighteners

SinglePass is a bold name for a pair of rectifiers, but the T3 did a great job of earning the name. They heat up well and quickly and have a nice chime to let you know when they're ready to use.

However, it's worth knowing that they don't come with a heating pad or cover for them to rest on, so you need to make sure you have a place that won't burn down to stack them while they heat up (although this applies to all straighteners, though). !).

Toni & Guy Fluid Metal Styler

Coming down the budget ladder, renowned brand stylist Toni & Guy offers a great mid-range option that isn't expensive but still does a wonderful job.

We're big fans of the rainbow finish on the irons themselves, and the five-year warranty should assure you they'll last quite a while. Plus, straightening is good and fast, which is all you really need.

Dyson Corral

We're not going to pretend that they could fit into most people's budgets, but the reality is that the Dyson Corrale is about as good as a hair straightener. The astronomical price is why they don't rank higher on this list, but if you can afford it, you'll get amazing performance and great hair treatment.

Cordless, with blazingly fast rectification and a stunning premium design, it feels like it's using technology from the future, but there's no escaping the fact that the prices are more than insane.

Glamoriser Bluetooth Smart Straighteners

Our latest set of irons has something of a technical twist - the Glamorise Bluetooth headset provides connectivity so you can set up the straighteners on your smartphone. This means you can tailor it to your hair type and comfort.

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It's a great feature that we expect to spread to other competing models over time, but it's attached to a fairly solid, not awesome, pair of rectifiers. It's not overly expensive, though, making it a solid investment if the likes of GHDs seem a bit far-fetched for your budget.

Best hair straighteners:

  • Dyson Corral
  • Glamoriser Bluetooth Smart Straighteners
  • Cloud Nine The Wide Iron
  • T3 SinglePass X Straighteners
  • Glamoriser Bluetooth Smart Straighteners
  • Dyson Corral
  • Glamoriser Bluetooth Smart Straighteners
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