The best rugged and shockproof smartphones of 2024

The best rugged and shockproof smartphones of 2021

People who lead an active lifestyle: those who work in difficult conditions, are professionally involved in extreme sports or have hobbies associated with physical activity often need reliable mobile phones. Shockproof, dustproof and waterproof devices can be absolutely essential to call for help. Unfortunately, ordinary smartphones very often cannot withstand even a simple drop to the floor. For those who need to have a connection, this review of shockproof phones is published.

The presence of a silicone case, protective films or glasses on the screen may not bring results. For such people, this rating of the best smartphones in terms of impact resistance and moisture protection is published today. Buying such a device before a trip to nature, traveling or leaving for work can be a very smart thing to do.

Protection designation IP67, IP68

The standards developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission to determine the ability of a device shell to provide protection against the ingress of moisture, dust particles, water vapor are codified in the international community as IP. This code consists of 2 digits, the first of which indicates the ability of the housing to trap solid particles of dust and dirt. For smartphones, this can be the number 5/6.

The fifth class means that dust penetration is possible, but does not affect the operation of the gadget, since the particles are too small.

The assignment of the sixth class indicates the complete protection of the device from the penetration of small solid particles.

The second digit indicates the waterproof rating of the smartphone. It can be designated 7/8.

Seven means that the device can be immersed in water for a short time. The immersion depth can reach 1 meter, the body of the device is sufficiently protected from moisture ingress in such conditions. The phone cannot work when submerged.

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The number eight indicates a gadget with good moisture protection. A device with code "8" can remain submerged to a depth of more than 1 meter for a long time, more than half an hour. It can work submerged and does not require additional disassembly and drying after removal from the water.

Checking smartphones for compliance with MIL-STD-810G

MIL-STD-810G-Military Standard includes a set of checks to determine the strength of various electronic and other devices under mechanical stress. These tests are carried out in order to know the tensile strength of the equipment. Compliance with the standard means suitability for the implementation of equipment in the US military and NATO. Smartphones for extreme conditions also pass such a test. The equipment is undergoing research in order to:

  • identify equipment deficiencies resulting from improperly organized production, packaging, design design, selected material, and maintenance methods;
  • determine the efficiency of devices under adverse effects of temperature, humidity and other climatic influences;
  • check the number of influencing factors, the magnitude and scope of their impact during the life of the equipment;
  • develop methods for conducting tests and tests with laboratory methods to determine the magnitude of the life cycles of the devices under test.

To determine the smartphones that are better than others protected from adverse effects, it is necessary to consider dust and moisture protection qualities and a reinforced case. The best shockproof phone will definitely have a certificate of such verification.

Usually these devices are more expensive than conventional phones, but they often have a large set of functions that fully justifies the money spent on them, and a longer service life will help the owner fully recoup the costs. It is worth remembering that the result of the finished product may differ from those obtained in laboratory tests, but not by much. All devices rated IP68 will be adequately protected against drops and splashes in water.

The choice of really high-quality smartphones among the brands offered is quite difficult. Big brands are reluctant to release such products, but some manufacturers still produce truly durable gadgets. Among the manufacturers of shock-resistant, dust-proof smartphones:

  • Samsung (releases an indestructible smartphone with a powerful battery);
  • AGM;
  • Catpillar.
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Among the brands there are also several Chinese manufacturers. They also make smartphones that can survive a fall into water or onto a concrete slab.

Average performance of a smartphone equipped with protection against moisture, dust, in a shockproof case:

  • battery capacity from 3,5 to 6 thousand mA;
  • RAM size from 3 to 8 GB;
  • IP68 protection;
  • military standard test passed, MIL-STD-810G certified;
  • there is a slot for multi-CD;
  • own internal memory from 16 to 128 GB.

Typically, such smartphones are provided with many interesting applications: a thermal imager, a heart rate monitor, good cameras, high screen resolution, etc.

Rating of the best smartphones

High-quality secure phones are listed below. It was compiled by interviewing buyers and experts. It includes:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active;
  • Ulefone Armor 9;
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro;
  • Blackview BV9800 Pro;
  • Cat S62 Pro (the most shockproof smartphone);
  • Blackview BV9900 Pro;
  • Blackview BV9900;
  • AGM X3 JBL;
  • Ulefone Armor 7;
  • Doogee S95 Pro.

Buying these smartphone models, customers can be sure that these are the most durable and reliable brands of mobile phones.


Modern man should not be isolated. Even if there are no people around, he can always stay in touch thanks to mobile devices. Therefore, we need the most durable smartphones that are protected from moisture and shock. This rating will allow everyone to buy a good quality phone and stay connected even in the wild.

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