In search of a productive tablet: how to find a model from the top 10

A portable and functional device called a tablet allows you to work with documents, read, play and just chat on social media. Manufacturers offer a range of different models, so at the beginning it is worth answering a few questions. The first is the amount that a person will allocate for the purchase of a gadget. The second question is related to the purpose for which a good tablet is bought from an authorized seller. Watching movies, using professional applications such as video and audio processing are just some of the possible reasons that will prompt a person to go to the store.

Operating system selection

The list of top 10 tablets includes models that run the two most common operating systems (OS). Opens a list of Android, which will delight you with two advantages at once. First, the OS is installed on models that are presented in the budget and premium price segments. The second advantage is that developers actively offer updates that increase performance. At the selection stage, you should pay attention to the version of the operating system. It is desirable that it be higher than 7.0, otherwise problems will arise. Many applications for watching videos, for working with bank cards, and so on are constantly updated. There is a high risk that after the next update the application will simply refuse to turn on. Among the obvious "pluses" of Android tablets, the possibility of personalization is highlighted. The user selects the options he is interested in by combining various applications.

On sale are the best tablets with the iOS operating system, which is being developed by Apple. "Apple" units are located in the upper price range. In addition to the price, the mentioned devices have an attractive appearance, a lot of unique software developments, and so on. As is the case with Android, users regularly receive app and OS version updates. In addition to the two operating systems mentioned, there are good Windows tablets on the market. It happens in its pure form and in collaboration with Android. This makes the tablet a complete alternative to a laptop. There are fewer apps available to owners of Windows devices than to owners of iOS and Android devices. The user has the opportunity to install desktop versions of games and programs that are not available to the owner of gadgets with other operating systems.

The Windows operating system will appeal to those who buy a tablet for work. Here you can easily install almost any program designed for a PC or laptop. Slightly more functionality for Windows 10 + Android. We are talking about the fact that two operating systems are loaded on one device at once. The user can quickly switch between them.

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Multiple screen size options

The list of the top best tablets includes models belonging to various classes. For example, compact devices are equipped with a screen of 7-8 inches. They are optimized for gaming, reading or browsing the site. The small screen size is not suitable for working with documents or applications. The list of other options is as follows:

  1. Medium size - the display will please 9-10 inches. On the one hand, they do not take up much space, and, on the other hand, they allow you to comfortably work, play, and so on. A great alternative to a laptop that is not at hand.
  2. Large size - the size of the screen is 11-12 inches. They are distinguished by high performance and ease of use. The model range is designed to solve various problems.

In the assortment list of manufacturers, large-sized tablets are less common, so the choice on the market is rather limited.

Screen resolution

Display size is not the only characteristic that people pay attention to. It is important to immediately clarify how high quality the picture will be. Resolution is responsible for this. For example, a tablet is included in the rating, which has the designation Full HD. This means that it draws a picture of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The higher the number, the more the color is closer to natural. Here it is immediately worth mentioning that the resolution of the screen greatly affects the cost of the device. If you only need a tablet for work, then you can limit yourself to HD resolution. The next parameter, which is related to the one mentioned above, is the matrix installed in the implement. There are several options:

  • IPS (PLS);
  • OLED
  • Amoled;
  • Super Amoled.

Each of these options has its own merits. For example, the OLED screen will please with true black shades and lower battery consumption (battery). If the user is not sure whether to take the IPS or OLED option, then you can do the following. Place both options side by side and include an identical video. A visual assessment will dot the "and".

Performance level

In pursuit of characteristics, a person misses a significant detail. The more the device can do, the more powerful the filling should be. Otherwise, the unit will constantly freeze. For example, fans of heavy applications and 3D games choose a professional model. Attention is paid to the processes and the characteristics of its work. Do not take the word of the sellers. They take the unit and run Full HD video, turn on a resource-demanding application. If the device quickly responds to every touch on the screen, then there will be no problems. In proportion to the increase in processor performance, the load on the battery increases. In order for a modern tablet to serve faithfully, it is important to provide it with power. The key indicator here is the battery capacity, which is measured in ampere hours. The higher the number, the longer the time between charges. Whatever manufacturers claim, it's worth considering buying a portable charger. It will not interfere with active users.

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Storage size

The tablet, like any other mobile device, is used to install and store programs. A person saves music, photos, documents and so on. It is worth considering in advance how much space you need. They choose the unit with a margin so that one day it does not freeze. For example, fans of online video and toys prefer 16 GB of internal memory. The modern best tablet, the review of which is published by thematic resources, will please the user with an internal memory of 16 GB or more. If the available volume is not enough, then you need to install a Micro SD. It is worth making sure in advance that the tablet has the necessary slot.

Additional nice details

In devices, you can find connectivity using wireless networks, a camera, and so on. From a practical point of view, the mentioned nuances are only important if users, for example, plan to use snapshots in their work. Modern tablets, whose rating is regularly updated, will delight you with a high-quality HDR camera, stabilization system, and so on. Comprehensive information is presented in the description of the model. It’s worth mentioning right away that if the camera comes out on top, then there is no equal to the optics from Apple and Samsung.

Appearance matters

The functional component in the device should not replace the rest of the details. The potential object of purchase is worth picking up. A person should be comfortable using it. In the last few years, the tablet with thin bezels, which is presented with several operating systems, has been in the top ranking. Choose models with a screen from 7 to 12 inches. The sales statistics are as follows:

  • Samsung;
  • Lenovo;
  • asus;
  • Manzana;
  • Huawei.

Tablet manufacturers are reducing the size of the frames in favor of increasing the usable screen area. From a practical point of view, this does not affect the functional component of the device. It's more about user convenience.

Warranty and service

A tablet is an expensive purchase, so do not trust random sellers. Purchases are sent to an authorized store. Having told the manager about their wishes, they look through several proposed models. There is no need to rush to buy. It is wiser to read the reviews of other users about a particular model. The more information the buyer collects, the better. At the stage of choosing a tablet, they get acquainted with the details of warranty service. It is important to immediately understand whether it is possible or not to service the device during and after the end of the warranty period. If there is an authorized service center in the city of residence of the buyer, then you can safely draw up a contract. You can add a case, protective glass, and so on to the shopping list.

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