How to quickly restore Android apps after factory reset?

How to quickly restore Android apps after factory reset?

Google always allows you to synchronize your calendar, contacts, documents, email and other profile data, but in the fifth "Android" there is a function that restores the old configuration and software on the new gadget. The developers equipped the sixth version of this OS with the synchronization of applications and system settings along with other information from the "cloud".

If Google Now is running on a smartphone, the home display background, widget placement, and directory structure will be stored on the company's cloud server. This will allow the user to return the old system configuration and desktop layout to the new phone. Where is all this information located? Google reserves 25 megabytes of space on the "cloud" Disk service, copying account elements there.

Attention! The information applied by the backup system is not taken into account by storage limits. But users can choose what data should be located on the "cloud".

Enabling the service that manages the backup process

If the service that provides access to data backup does not work on a smartphone, you must:

  • Click the gear icon on the desktop to open settings.
  • Scroll the window that opens to the section for backup and reset.
  • Move the triggering data backup lever to the “working” position.
  • Verify that the Google account associated with the reservation account is correct.
  • Enable auto-recovery, options and data returned by themselves when installing the program.

When the backup service starts, the Android configuration and program information will immediately begin to fall into Google Drive.

Restoring programs after a configuration reset

On a device with the fifth version of Android, restoring applications takes several minutes. Access to this parameter opens after the first launch of the smartphone or the return of the factory-installed options. To restore the configuration and programs, you need to:

  • Press the arrow button on the welcome display.
  • Select the interface language from the list that appears.
  • Connect to your home Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Press the button labeled "Accept and continue".
  • Sign in to your Google profile by tapping Continue.
  • Activate the reservation service in Google Apps.
  • Enter an alternative e-mail address if necessary.
  • Specify the device to which the data is returned (select the device).
  • Click the "Restore" line so that the service returns the old software configuration.
  • If you plan to restore specific applications, click the arrow next to Restore All.
  • And select the programs to be restored by touching the corresponding lines with your finger.
  • Tap the "Restore" button to start extracting software from the "Cloud".
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When the backup data restore completes without error, the user can configure the fingerprint scanner and activate the Google Now service.

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