Gearboxes and electric motors for construction machinery and handling equipment

Gearboxes and electric motors for construction machinery and handling equipment

In the construction industry, gearmotors are used in asphalt plants, concrete pumps, earthmoving equipment, crushers, screening plants, and transport lines. The main purpose of a geared motor is to transmit and increase torque, converting a high rotational speed at the input shaft into a lower one at the output.

The use of gear motors in construction

Compliance with compactness is one of the most important conditions in the design of lifting mechanisms. In this case, the gearboxes must have high power and a sufficient margin of safety, determined depending on the technical characteristics of the electric motor. 

When designing heavy construction equipment, lifting and transport mechanisms, products of well-known brands Chiaravalli, I-Mak, Motive, CMR Riduttori enjoy well-deserved trust: worm gears, gear motors based on a three-phase asynchronous electric motor, helical gear motors with parallel shafts. Read more here.

Motor-reducers for hoisting-and-transport mechanisms

There are various types of cranes and lifting devices, however, the method of moving goods is the same: directly lifting the load, lifting / turning the boom. 

  • In overhead cranes, the workflow takes place in three directions: lifting, moving the platform and moving the bridge. Accordingly, a drive scheme is being developed.
  • To lift loads, the winch is equipped with a gearbox with parallel shafts. 
  • Gearboxes with parallel shafts are used in the drive mechanisms of port cranes to move sea containers.
  • The difference between self-propelled cranes is the presence of a moving platform on rails or tracks. Transportation is carried out using gearboxes on each roller. 
  • In the mechanisms of movement, two- or three-stage motor-reducers are used. For such drives, there is no need for special devices; the dimensions of the gearbox do not matter much.  
  • In cranes with platform movement, gearmotors with parallel or perpendicular shafts are in demand. The selection of the configuration of the drive unit depends on the conditions of the compact installation of the electric motor. 

When selecting a specific modification of a gearbox, an asynchronous electric motor in the Techno-Privod catalog, you should first clarify the operational characteristics of the equipment. 

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