Top 5 motorcycle helmets: ranking

A motorcycle helmet is one of the mandatory equipment for riding a powerful bike, ATV or a regular scooter. The main function of a helmet is to provide maximum comfort and safety while riding.

We will look at beautiful motorcycle helmets that will provide you with an optimal level of safety. Production materials - polymers, the most durable and lightweight. Additionally, many models have built-in ventilation. A plus is the presence of a high-quality balaclava impregnated with an antibacterial type. Thanks to a wide range of options on sale, you can choose the coolest helmet for yourself in terms of functionality, design, price.

The main models of helmets

A good motorcycle helmet should meet your design and ergonomic requirements. Available options:

  • Integrals. Such models are also called full-faces. The one-piece shell reliably protects the head of the motorcyclist. There are no weak zones, so there will be no particular risks in case of falls, hitting the head on the asphalt. Integrals also guarantee a high level of isolation from noise - they have almost no gaps, joints. The mass is small. Integrals are used by beginners and experienced riders, professional riders. Usually there are breath deflectors, adjustment of the degree of ventilation.
  • Modulars. Or flip-ups, transformers. The second category in terms of convenience, protection class. The chin part can be discarded along with the visor - it turns out a knightly luxurious modern helmet. A good choice for cruises, travel. The weight is above average, the protective properties are excellent.
  • Open. Half-faces or nuts cover the head completely or look more like helmets. Head protection does not completely involve covering the face, chin, which must be taken into account. This model is suitable for summer city driving, subject to a modest cubic capacity of motor vehicles. A helmet is the weakest defense of all. The primitive fastening on the neck is completely unreliable. If you fall on the pavement in a helmet, the rider will be seriously injured.
  • Cross. Helmets for enduro, motocross and trail riding. Sneakers are also often bought by drivers of off-road vehicles like ATVs. The kit comes with a large visor, stretched forward and protecting the rider's face from stones and twigs. It is advisable to use cross-country helmets with goggles or visors. All solutions come with improved head ventilation. Cross-country varieties are not suitable for city driving.
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Right size

In order for you to be comfortable in a helmet after a few hours of riding, it must have optimal parameters. Measurements are made on the back of the head and forehead - somewhere a couple of fingers above the eyebrows and ears. Then compare the obtained data with the table values ​​for helmets of specific brands. During the fitting, there should be no squeezing and other uncomfortable sensations.

Top best models

We bring to your attention the top helmets with descriptions of strengths and weaknesses. The rating is based on expert assessments and user reviews. Prices are in a wide range: decide on the budget of the purchase, and then order the perfect option for yourself.

AGV Skyline

Helmet of the closed type (integral) based on fiberglass. There is good sound insulation. The base material is polycarbonate. The model is convenient and practical, comes with a system of attachments for an additional visor for sun protection, which can be quickly removed without additional tools.

Pros of the model:

  • Increased mechanical strength with a modest weight.
  • Fully removable and washable inner lining.
  • Antibacterial impregnation of textiles, high coefficient of moisture removal.
  • Adaptation of the helmet to work with Bluetooth AGVoice (you will need to buy separately).
  • High quality ventilation system.

AGV Orbyt Pearl

Probably the best budget motorcycle helmet. It is light, beautiful, does not constrain movements, sits comfortably on the head. Model pluses:

  • Lightweight semi-open design for urban riding.
  • Three degrees of density of the foam filler and even distribution of loads on the head due to this.
  • Washable, removable Dry-Comfort lining.
  • Large vents with adjustable air supply.
  • Good resistance to fogging, scratches.

GSB G-339

Beautiful premium helmet. There are no gaps in it, the shield, regardless of position, will not hang out. The ventilation is excellent, so the helmet does not get hot.

Solution advantages:

  • The presence of a system of quick release of the visor. The shield is changed in a few seconds without the use of a tool.
  • Interchangeable interior Dry Comfort finish with disinfectant treatment. Wet and dry cleaning possible.
  • Anti-fogging during cold seasons and high levels of humidity.
  • Modular design with folding jaws.
  • Built-in sun glasses with good UV filter. Pulling out is quick and easy.
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AGV Compact Boston

Great functional helmet. It has increased strength and thoughtful ergonomics. Advantages:

  • Designed for fast driving, streamlined shape, excellent aerodynamic parameters.
  • Maximum comfort without sacrificing safety, durable frame based on heat-resistant resin with a high level of impact resistance.
  • Scratch and fog resistant polycarbonate visor.
  • Removable overlay made of hypoallergenic textile that does not rub the skin and does not cause irritation.
  • Clasp with a micrometric type lock and a semi-automatic lock.


Protective reliable helmet, the price of which corresponds to the quality. The design is bright, will appeal to connoisseurs of unusual solutions. The weight of the helmet is relatively small.

All benefits:

  • High strength, reliable impact protection.
  • Multi-layer backing for added protection.
  • Plastic visor with UV filter.
  • Advanced ventilation system equipped with deflectors.
  • Pad for the neck, providing reliable protection against noise, wind.

AGV K3 SV Top ride 46l

The closed integral from polycarbonate with the expressed noise isolation. It is very comfortable, looks beautiful, indestructible in operation. The segment is top, the price is appropriate.

Pros of the model:

  • Functional ventilation system with a set of deflectors. The ventilation openings on the front side are closed.
  • The possibility of lifting the visor to form gaps.
  • Certification according to advanced standards.
  • Removable silicone pinlock.
  • Fast snapping of the strap on the working clip.


One of the best cross-country helmets. It is very stylish, has a sporty design, modest weight, sits comfortably on the head. Main advantages:

  • Special shape with rear type spoiler, excellent aerodynamic performance.
  • High strength thermoplastic HIR-TH.
  • Seamless inner lining.
  • Thoughtful placement of ventilation channels for good air circulation, uniform cooling.
  • Functional latch system.

All models from the rating of motorcycle helmets comply with current safety standards.

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