The main differences between conventional fireplaces and fireplaces with a water circuit

A thermofireplace, or as it is often called a device with a water circuit, is a solid fuel boiler that is very similar to a simple wood burning device, but at the same time it has a more advanced design and a large range of actions. It is customary to install such fireplaces not only in modern cottages, but also in multi-storey buildings.

Fireplace with water circuit has an understandable and familiar design for everyone, in which there is a firebox and a built-in chimney. The first part of the fireplace - the firebox, can be not only closed, but also open. Fireplaces themselves can heat the room not only in the process of burning, but also as a result of long-term preservation of heat in the room.

When kindling a fireplace with an open firebox, the air in the room begins to heat up almost instantly. If the device itself is not so large in size, then it will not be able to fully start heating all rooms at the same time. Most users prefer to install such devices not to heat the room, but to improve its general appearance. For maximum heating and heating, it is best to install fireplaces with closed fireboxes. They are more practical and useful in the course of their work.

As a popular material for inserting fireplaces, wood from deciduous or coniferous trees is often used. In addition, you can also use special sawdust briquettes. All these environmental materials will not bring any harm not only to human health, but even to the environment.

Water circuit advantage

Modern models of heat fireplaces can be made from high-quality metal, which has a thickness of about 4 mm. For greater practicality, manufacturers cover such a device with a special refractory paint.

Due to the fact that the water circuit can be directly connected to the heating system, the result is a complete system for heating the whole house. Now fireplaces can perform not only a decorative function. With the help of the whole heating of the complex, users will receive high-quality devices, and will also be able to significantly save their money when paying for utilities.

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