PSA group eludes EU fines through action time

SO2 Peugeot e-208 2019 - tracking front Decisions such as launching an all-electric version of the car line, well in advance of the start of the new RES, have allowed the dog to keep its average CO2 emissions below the 95g/km limit

In the PSA, the group has had to comply with the new EU 95g/km fleet limit on average CO2 emissions for the first two months of 2020 and pay no penalty if it maintains this.

Boss PSA in Europe visiting Maxim Pika said that he actually had it since the first working day of the year, January 2nd. If the average automakers are 95 g/km or less than the average fleet for CO2 emissions, they will pay no penalty. If they do, the fine is €95 for every g/km of CO2 over the limit for every car sold, which could run into the billions for some automakers.

Roller's own limit, 93g/km, while at 95g/km. The weight indicator is adjusted according to the type of vehicle the manufacturer sells. It attempts to hit the target on a monthly basis in order to track progress towards the target more clearly; The EU accepts only an annual figure.

“We want CO2 compliance to be natural,” said Peugeot CEO Peugeot. "We are operating as usual and will not do stupid things at the end of the year."

Pika, Peugeot's CEO, said that decisions made six or seven years ago with a 2020 deadline in mind are now bearing fruit. What's included is the launch of an all-electric version of many of the car lines that were scheduled to launch in late 2019 to bring the dog in to benefit from their sale in lower overall CO2 levels.

It also cut a few higher-radiating models last year, mainly an Opel/Vauxhall that it acquired three years ago, so it wasn't originally part of that long-term planning for overall compliance.

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PSA group boss Carlos Tavares said the firm has been modeled from a range of different scenarios to ensure it remains compatible even in the worst case, such as diesel falling to 10% market share. Currently, it has stabilized at around 30%.

Pica, Peugeot's CEO believes any impact from the coronavirus will not be felt on CO2 averages, and any potential drop in sales will be proportional across all model ranges. However, to date, he said the virus has had no impact on its operations outside of China, and even there it hasn't hit as hard as rivals, as China isn't as important to the overall PSA business as other automakers.

“We are working on the supply chain and finding solutions and issues,” he said. "So far so good."


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