Key trends in the IT world

Key trends in the IT world

Knowledge and understanding of the main directions of development of the IT industry will help a company of any type of activity to succeed in its field. The fact is that recently the rapid development of modern computer and information technologies has brought business many new opportunities for improvement. Moreover, today online sales show a constant significant growth, therefore, not a single successful company can do without its own representative office on the Internet and a trading platform for selling goods and services online. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the speedy transfer of business to the World Wide Web. It became the catalyst that gave a tangible acceleration to an already gaining momentum trend.

Approaches to work outside the office, remote administration and maintenance of the IT infrastructure of companies have radically changed. For example, quarantine restrictions served as a powerful impetus to rethink the role and meaning subscriber service of computers of organizations. Indeed, many problems in the operation of equipment can be solved without personal presence, which is especially important during a pandemic. Previously, IT outsourcing, that is, transferring the maintenance of the customer's computer infrastructure to professionals from a third-party company, was considered simply a profitable and convenient solution. Today, this approach makes it possible to avoid unnecessary contacts between people, which means it helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and increase security. In general, the issues of strengthening security - a person, information space, confidential data - are coming to the fore today. Let's find out what three main trends in the IT field, according to reputable analysts, are waiting for us in the near future.

The study of the digital "footprint" of a person - the rapid development of the "Internet of Behaviors"

The further development of the Internet of Behaviors is predicted, which in translation into Russian means "Internet of Behaviors". The methods used by companies will be improved in order to not only study, but also influence the behavior of users of the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, we have all been “under the hood” for a long time, so they are vigilantly watching us - collecting information about our location; find out how long we are in a particular place; receive information about the goods purchased, preferred payment methods, favorite foods, drinks and clothing brands. Our digital “footprint” is being analyzed, and the results obtained are to be used to advantage in order to be able to change or at least correct a person’s behavioral habits. So, as a result, try to control each of us.

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New technologies in the field of privacy protection

In parallel, it is predicted to improve the ways of protecting a person's personal information and valuable data for companies. Confidentiality will have to be protected by more modern methods, because old technologies become obsolete and show their failure. In a few years, radically new ad hoc privacy technologies are predicted to emerge. This will allow data analysis without violating the secrecy of information.

Building the Perfect Cybersecurity Network

Further development of cloud technologies will enable each of us, regardless of who is who (an outsider, employee or client of the company), to receive secure access to any stored public information. Access to the so-called digital asset of the company through a cybersecurity network will help protect against information threats, and at the same time make it easier and more open for a wide range of people to obtain any necessary information.

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