Books everyone should read

Books everyone should read

In order to pass for a well-read person, to be able to maintain a conversation, broaden your horizons, improve literacy, it is important to read books. Such publications will contribute to self-development, help to have fun.

Various publications

In all countries there are thousands of books, each of which is known to a lesser or greater extent. It is almost impossible to read all publications. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the most famous works in order to obtain the status of an educated person. Here are the books everyone should read. They can be divided into:

  • classical;
  • modern;
  • children;
  • inspiring to create your own business;
  • publications in which children are the main characters;
  • based on real events and so on.

You can also choose your favorite genre. For example, someone likes to travel. Then these are the following books to read:

  1. "Robinson Crusoe";
  2. "Mysterious Island";
  3. "The Children of Captain Grant";
  4. "Fight for fire";
  5. "Gulliver's travels";
  6. "Captain Fracasse";
  7. "On the way";
  8. "Traveler";
  9. "Journey beyond three seas" and others.

Someone loves books about animals, about cats. Then the following publications will be useful:

  1. "Notes of the Shashlik cat";
  2. "Cat without embellishment";
  3. "Your humble servant cat";
  4. "Cat inside" and others.

Classic editions

Here are the books that every educated person should read. This:

  1. "Eugene Onegin";
  2. "Master and Margarita";
  3. "Romeo and Juliet";
  4. "King Lear";
  5. "Hero of our time";
  6. "Quiet Don";
  7. "Gone With the Wind";
  8. "Woe from Wit";
  9. "Three Musketeers";
  10. “And the dawns here are quiet”;
  11. "All Quiet on the Western Front";
  12. "Player";
  13. "Prince and the Pauper";
  14. "The fate of man";
  15. "Gull";
  16. "Overcoat".

These works were created by the great classics of all times and peoples. This:

  • Pushkin;
  • Chekhov;
  • Shakespeare;
  • Tolstoy;
  • Bulgakov;
  • Gogol;
  • Dostoevsky and others.

Books for children

There are also many classics for children, which are also interesting for adults to read. It is so exciting to plunge into a fairy-tale world, where the main character is a boy named Pinocchio. This book was written by Alexei Tolstoy.

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Winnie the Pooh is also a classic character. Designed by Alan Alexander Milne. Winnie the Pooh has many friends that you can also get to know by reading these famous stories for children.

The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm are also timeless classics. These are books that should be read as a child. But if it was not possible to get acquainted with some fairy tales at a young age, then this can be done at an older age.

JK Rowling was able to create works that have become very loved by children and teenagers. This is a series of books about Harry Potter. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the novel by Alexander Green "Scarlet Sails", the work of Alexander Volkov "The Wizard of the Emerald City". "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain will also be of interest to teenagers and older people.


Fans of the detective genre can be advised to read the books of Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King. Then it will be possible to follow the tense plot, get acquainted with the life of the heroes of that time.

Works where the main characters are children

Here are the top books to read next. Then you can immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, empathize with the main characters. This:

  1. "Little Prince";
  2. "To Kill a Mockingbird";
  3. "The Catcher in the Rye";
  4. "Lord of the Flies";
  5. "Do not let me go";
  6. "Up the stairs leading down";
  7. "The boy in the striped pajamas."

These are books that everyone should read. Many of these works have been made into films. Therefore, you can first read the publication, then familiarize yourself with its filmed version in order to compare the plots. It will also be possible to see if the filmmakers see the reading of the book as you do.

Contemporary works

To keep abreast of the new publications, to keep up the conversation on this topic, you should familiarize yourself with modern works. Here are some relatively new books that everyone should read:

  1. "See you";
  2. "Fifty Shades of Gray";
  3. "Loneliness in the network";
  4. "Book Thief";
  5. "The stars are to blame";
  6. "Reader";
  7. "Cloud Atlas";
  8. "Tables of fate";
  9. "House of Peculiar Children".
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Fans of fantasy stories will surely enjoy Jacob Armand Portman's book "House of Peculiar Children". It tells about a boy who was very fond of listening to the fairy tales of his grandfather. But the child did not know that many of the grandfather's stories were true.

Book L.E. James "Fifty Shades of Grey" is designed for an adult audience. After all, it talks about sex, about unbridled passion.

And the fact that even war is not able to weaken the craving for reading is narrated in Markus Zuzak's book The Book Thief. It tells about who the girl, even in the difficult times of the Second World War, strove to read publications, taking them without asking from the personal library of one citizen.

Reading books is an exciting activity. It helps self-development, allows you to immerse yourself in the plot of the work, mentally transport yourself to another time and place.

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