How to choose quality running shoes

How to choose quality running shoes

Running has always been popular. This sport does not require regular visits to the gym, purchases and renewal of the subscription. However, not everything is so easy, even here there are some nuances. In order for every run to be a joy to you and bring maximum benefit and zero harm, you need to responsibly approach the choice of sneakers designed for running. Now we will talk in detail about how to choose running shoes.

How to fit running shoes

What features you should pay attention to before buying:

  • Depreciation. It can be in the heel, in the toe or evenly distributed throughout the foot. Many manufacturers of well-known brands often make sneakers with cushioning elements. This avoids injury, reduces the load on the spine.
  • Before choosing running shoes, you will need to calculate the load on them, given your weight. The greater the load on running shoes, the more cushioning should be in their design.
  • There are many tips on how to choose the right shoes for running, and one of the most important factors is the sole. It is from the basis of sneakers - the soles - that it depends on what load your legs and spine will receive while running.
  • Please note that real running shoes are not made of leather. If there are hard inserts in running shoes, then they should be only on the heel. Such elements should not rub the leg.
  • Lacing should also not contain dense elements, hard straps. So it will be more convenient for you to make the lacing tighter to the leg.
  • The mass of running shoes can be different, but optimally this indicator should not exceed 400 g. Running shoes that are too light are not the best option. If you are wondering how to choose running shoes, then it is better to consider a model with inserts and other shock-absorbing elements.
  • Trying on running shoes is best at the end of the day when your feet are a little swollen. Pay attention to the thumb. It is very important that it does not rest against the toe, there is a gap of 3-4 mm. Remember that the foot gets a little bigger when you run. Therefore, it is very important that the sneakers are not true to size. So you will definitely do without extra calluses.
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Continuing the conversation about how to choose running shoes, it is worth noting that the right size is of great importance. It all depends on what kind of terrain you plan to run. There are different sports shoes: for walking, for running through the forest, on smooth asphalt, for the gym. If you have decided exactly what you will run, then be sure to choose running shoes with shock absorbers in the heel and toe area. Such additions reduce the impact when running, reduce the pressure on the foot. Laces are a must for running shoes.

How to choose running shoes to suit your running surface:

  • For running on smooth asphalt, models with a soft, embossed sole and a breathable surface are suitable. They are suitable for jogging along flat alleys, but for forest trails they are already too soft.
  • For jogging on dirt paths, models with a hard sole, a high cuff to fix the leg and a material that repels moisture are chosen. It is important to pay attention to the material of the top. Dust, dirt and small stones should not get into shoes. In such shoes, you can run in wet weather without fear of twisting your foot. It is better to choose dark colors, as sneakers will quickly get dirty. Be sure to look at the insole, it should not ride inside the shoe while jogging.
  • For winter running, you need to choose shoes with spikes and built-in shock absorbers, high and stiff enough.
  • Running shoes should not be flat. The best option for the top material is membrane fabric or cotton, and the most common option is mesh.

And yet, you should not buy the most fashionable branded models. The main thing is that sports shoes are comfortable. Choose shoes according to the characteristics of your foot. If the foot sinks into the inside, then take shoes with a reinforced sole, special inserts inside.

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Additional tips

It is important to know that casual shoes are measured in one size, running shoes are only measured in half a size. Consider your running style when choosing running shoes:

  • classic - support on the heel - we buy shoes where the back is thicker than the toe;
  • natural - load on the middle part of the foot (uniform thickness of the sole throughout the foot);
  • running with a toe - choose shoes with a reinforced front.

Now we know how to choose the right running shoes. You just need to follow a few rules: dense material, a comfortable size specifically for your foot, good lacing. Buy shoes in trusted and well-established stores that offer really high-quality products.

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